Meta-Essay: Instructions for Writing an Essay

Write a set of instructions to the present freshman class that explains how to write an essay for a Lit/Lang class.

Begin with a paragraph that describes what most freshmen & sophomores know or don’t know about writing.  Think of what you learned the past two years. Think about what you need to learn this year.

Then describe, in a series of numbered steps what to do when writing an essay.

You should use the following questions as a way to organize your own essay about essays:

  1. What could writers do as part of pre-writing?  How can they generate new ideas?
  2. How should they go about starting writing?  How should they organize their ideas?
  3. How should they compose an introduction?
  4. How should they compose their body paragraphs?
  5. What is support?  How much support does one need?
  6. How should they compose their conclusions?
  7. What should writers do before submitting their work?

Remember, you are writing to freshmen & sophomores and they need your help.