Transcendentalists Essay

We will have lab time on Monday and Tuesday 09/30-10/01 for typing these essay paragraphs.  You must save to your F: drive (as well as email, a jump drive, etc.) as you will be accessing this text later.  Loosing information, just saving to the computer instead of the F: drive, and other technical difficulties will not warrant extensions when the final product is due (as per the course syllabus).  

Using your notes from American Romanticism & Transcendentalists, split quotes, journal entries, and texts from Emerson and Thoreau, explore one of the following prompts.  Treat this like an in-class essay. You should introduce your ideas in a paragraph, then Continue reading


Weekly Journals 3: 09/18-09/25

Split-Quotes: 09/18
Did you notice any themes showing up across the quotes you chose?  How did you choose your quotes?  Do you like one author over the other better?

Seminar Questions / Response: 09/19
Create open-ended questions for discussion based on the quotes you chose.  Write a few statements about your quotes for discussion: which were your favorite?  What do you have questions about yourself?  What came up in discussion yesterday during “speed dating?”

Freewrite Friday: 09/20
You know what to do…

Transcendentalist AP Film: 09/24 or 09/25
Respond to this film clip we viewed in class: American Literature Periods – Transcendentalism. What do you think of it?  What did she leave out?  What would you add?  If you were going to make a film to teach Mrs. Stolte’s students about Transcendentalism, what would you do?  Describe it in detail.

In-Class Work: Emerson & Thoreau

Borger started reading “from Nature” on Tuesday 09/10 in class.  She got so inspired by Emerson’s ideas about retaining the awe of children in the era of manhood that she gave 1st hour a recess.  A bee landed on Liz’s hair, Borger petted the grass, and we heard the songs of birds…and Shaun as he skipped like a little kid across the field.  These happy songs were interrupted though by the vulgar, corrupting sound of the air conditioner emphasizing why Transcendentalists believed in getting AWAY from the city to truly appreciate Nature. Continue reading

Weekend Homework 09/06/13

We started reading “The Devil & Tom Walker” today in class.  Both hours got to the point where Tom’s wife goes to strike her own deal with the Devil.  5th hour found the apron with its “contents.”

Finish the story & pay attention to Tom’s lack of “emotional intelligence” as the story progresses. (Did you forget your book at home? You can find the full text here.)

Quiz Monday, 09/09/13 over “The Devil & Tom Walker” and the American Romanticism Notes.