In-Class Work: Emerson & Thoreau

Borger started reading “from Nature” on Tuesday 09/10 in class.  She got so inspired by Emerson’s ideas about retaining the awe of children in the era of manhood that she gave 1st hour a recess.  A bee landed on Liz’s hair, Borger petted the grass, and we heard the songs of birds…and Shaun as he skipped like a little kid across the field.  These happy songs were interrupted though by the vulgar, corrupting sound of the air conditioner emphasizing why Transcendentalists believed in getting AWAY from the city to truly appreciate Nature.

Students returned to the deliberate rationality of the classroom and finished reading “from Nature” on their own.

Students composed journals on Wednesday 09/11 after also reading “from Self-Reliance” in their text.

On Thursday, they’ll meet Henry David Thoreau via his two selections in the text.  They will be introduced to the split-quote note taking format and will be instructed to collect quotes as they read in preparation for group-“speed-dating”-idea-rotation & seminar next week.

Addendum: 09/13/2013

Students needed slower, more detailed explication of Emerson’s work.  We were introduced to Thoreau today.  Homework: Read introduction on Thoreau on page 189-90 in your text. Ambitious readers could read the following sections in preparation for Monday (though not mandatory as we will cover in class): “from Solitude” (197), “from Brute Neighbors” (200 – break on 201), “from Conclusion” (203).