Weekly Journals 3: 09/18-09/25

Split-Quotes: 09/18
Did you notice any themes showing up across the quotes you chose?  How did you choose your quotes?  Do you like one author over the other better?

Seminar Questions / Response: 09/19
Create open-ended questions for discussion based on the quotes you chose.  Write a few statements about your quotes for discussion: which were your favorite?  What do you have questions about yourself?  What came up in discussion yesterday during “speed dating?”

Freewrite Friday: 09/20
You know what to do…

Transcendentalist AP Film: 09/24 or 09/25
Respond to this film clip we viewed in class: American Literature Periods – Transcendentalism. What do you think of it?  What did she leave out?  What would you add?  If you were going to make a film to teach Mrs. Stolte’s students about Transcendentalism, what would you do?  Describe it in detail.