The Last of the Mohicans & The American Romantic Hero

The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper contains the quintessential American Romantic Hero in the character of Natty Bumpo, also known as Hawkeye.  He is the prototype of all American heroes.

We do not have time – nor the texts – to read The Last of the Mohicans in class.  However, I want to conclude our American Romanticism unit with a last glance toward the past. Continue reading

Weekly Journals 4: 10/02 or 10/03 – 10/18

Silent Organization: 10/02 (5th):
Describe the process of working silently as a group toward a common goal.  How’d you organize yourselves?  Who did what?  How would you do it differently next time?

Zobmondo: 10/03 (2nd)
Would you rather be constantly depressed or constantly afraid?  Explain your choice.

Freewrite Friday: 10/04
Write about whatever you want for the duration of the journal time. Continue reading