Weekly Journals 4: 10/02 or 10/03 – 10/18

Silent Organization: 10/02 (5th):
Describe the process of working silently as a group toward a common goal.  How’d you organize yourselves?  Who did what?  How would you do it differently next time?

Zobmondo: 10/03 (2nd)
Would you rather be constantly depressed or constantly afraid?  Explain your choice.

Freewrite Friday: 10/04
Write about whatever you want for the duration of the journal time.

Film Responses: 10/04 (if there’s time after viewing)
Respond to each of the adaptations.  What did you think about the interpretation of “The Black Cat?”  The artist makes certain changes / adaptation to the text.  Discuss those. Which did you like better?  Why?

Cask of Amontillado, The Black Cat, The Pit & The Pendulum: 10/07
Describe the ends of the stories.  What are similarities & differences between the tales?  Which do you like best?

Freewrite: 10/15

Freewrite: 10/18
Journals collected today – you are responsible for compiling and submitting journals if you were absent when we submitted.