Romantics: Transcendentalists vs. Dark Romantics

Did you write a few paragraphs about the Transcendentalists?

Did you write a few paragraphs about the Dark Romantics?

Did you include quotes in both sets of paragraphs?


Put it all together:

Introduction(you may have written this already but didn’t know it)

  • Summarize some of the main ideas/beliefs of the American Romantics.
  • Mention a few of the different types of Romantics (i.e. Transcendentalists, Dark Romantics).
  • Narrow to a thesis which states what main idea you examine in your body paragraphs (intuition, nature, or nonconformity). If you sorta’ talked about all three, write a thesis that compares & contrasts Transcendentalists & Dark Romantics more generically.


  • Put Transcendentalists paragraphs first.
  • Make sure you have transitions between big ideas -these can be at the beginning or ends of paragraphs – you’re sewing ideas together, so make them flow. (You might even have a transition paragraph summarizing Emerson & Thoreau and previewing Poe!)
  • Follow that with Dark Romantic paragraphs on Poe.
  • (Dude!  This is way bigger than a 5-paragraph essay!)
  • (Dude-ette!  I know! It’s gonna’ be like 7-10 paragraphs!  My. mind. is. blown!)


  • Summarize all of your awesome ideas.
  • End with an exigency: a Jerry Springer final thought.  In the end, what’s the final conclusion about humanity? Are we basically good?  Basically evil?  Who has it most correct: Transcendentalists with their rainbows and unicorns or Dark Romantics with their bodies in the walls?
  • Leave me with a thought to chew on long after I’ve finished your paper.  Make me think about something I haven’t already thought about before.

We will be in the lab Tues – Thurs.  When you are finished:

  • Wait to print.
  • Have a peer read over it to check for tiny errors.
  • Get some feedback.
  • Make sure you have page numbers and that it’s all MLA formatted & pretty.
  • Save it to the F: drive (and email or save to jump drive).
  • Then print & submit to Borger.
  • Find a peer, high-five herm, then say “WOO HOO!” to indicate your happiness at being finished with this awesome task!