Weekly Journals 5: 10/22 and beyond

The Last of the Mohicans #1: Tues. 10/22
Summarize the film so far.  Who are the main characters?  Who’s the primary protagonist (good guy) & who’s the primary antagonist (bad guy)?  Where do you see conflicts arising from the wildness of the frontier coming into contact with the civilization of “society?”

The Last of the Mohicans #2: Fri. 10/25
Reflect on the end of the film.  You can focus on primary scenes that you enjoyed / disliked or you can consider the following questions as you reflect:

  1. What are the different ways that savages or savagery are depicted in the film? We talked a little bit about the “Nobel Savage” – who falls in that category in the film?
  2. Typically, romantic love and motivations of love did not factor into Nathaniel / Hawkeye’s psychology in the original texts.  Remember, an American Romantic Hero avoids domesticity and is often awkward around women.  How does romantic love affect the story?  What would the film be like minus his “love” for Cora?  How would that affect his heroism?
  3. How is nature a character in the film?  It’s not just the setting where the film takes place, but it has a larger role in this context.  Describe the ‘role’ of nature in this film.

Freewrite Friday: 11/01
Write what you will….

Whitman: “America Sing” & “Song of Myself”: 11/04
Read “I Hear America Sing” on page 311.  Read “Song of Myself” excerpts 10, 33, & 52 on pages 314, 316, & 319.  In your journal complete the following questions / tasks for each of the 4 poems:

  1. Summarize the poem.
  2. What’s the “story” he’s telling in the poem?
  3. What kinds of people does he describe in the poem?
  4. If you are confused or have questions about lines from the poem, write your questions here.

Whitman: “Sight in Camp,” Specimen Days, & Sketches: 11/05

Read ” A Signt in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim” on page 322, the excerpt from Specimen Days on page 323 (both by Whitman), & the excerpt from Hospital Sketches (by Loiusa May Alcott) on page 325. 

  1. Summarize each
  2. Synthesize: Compare & contrast the selections.  Pick three similarities between each.  Pick three differences between each.  Then discuss what the authors are doing in their poems & essays.

Emily Dickinson: “Stop for Death,” “Heard a Fly,” & 2 Others

  1. Read “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” & “I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died” (347, 349). 
  2. Read 2 other poems or writings (including letter to editor if you want) between pages 337-351.
  3. Pick any 4 lines from 2 of the poems and copy them down in your journal word for word as they appear in your text complete with dashes, punctuation, etc.
  4. Explain why you chose those four lines.