American Masters: Dickinson & Whitman

Wednesday 10/30: Idea Harvesting
Students perused the sections on Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson in class.  They created a split-note page for each author and titled each: Ideas/Images & Quotes. As they flipped through each author’s section, they were to collect quotes that stood out to them or make observations about images / ideas in each author’s writings.

Thursday 10/31: Speed-Dating/Idea Rotation
Students spent 5 minutes at the beginning of class finding one more quote / image for each author.  Then students started our speed-dating/musical-chairs rotation sharing what each found and harvesting more ideas from each other.  3-4 rotations per class.

Friday 11/01: Class Compilation
Students added their quotes to a class-list of quotes on the two class-computers.  Each student was to Continue reading