Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Today we watched a short film version of Ambrose Bierce’s short story “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.”  This film won an Academy Award in 1962 and is very artfully done.  I want to emphasize the interpretation of realism in the film – pay attention to close-ups & the use of sound to capture the details of the story.

This story will be on your final, so make sure you read it!



Fortunately, Snowpocalypse 2013 does not affect our schedule.  I told classes on Thursday to finish memorizing poems.  If you forgot to take your homework home, that’s on you.

  • Deadpan, monotone delivery is never fun to listen to.  Once memorized, be able to deliver them clearly, without hesitation, and with feeling (see assignment & rubric for details).
  • Props and movement are allowed during your recitation.
  • If you are not comfortable performing in front of the class, you can choose to speak at the back of the class.  If you choose to speak at the back of the class and a classmate looks backward to watch you, that classmate will loose points on herm project (in the audiencing / listening category on herm rubric).
  • You signed up for speaking orders on Thursday.  Speaking order will be listed shortly.  We will still be performing on Monday & Tuesday when we return to school.

Poetry / Essay Recitation

We have studied the works of a variety of writers this semester.  Your task for this project is to recite the words of one or more of these authors from memory.  Choose your selection wisely. This project will be worth 100 points.

  • Only memorized texts can earn an “A”; however, memorizing alone cannot earn you an “A” for this project. See Presentation Rubric for grading criteria.
  • If memorization is difficult for you, you can choose to take a letter grade reduction and use notes.
  • If performing in front of your peers is difficult, you can choose to deliver your lines to Borger before or after school for a letter grade reduction.
  • If you are not prepared to deliver your text the day you are scheduled Continue reading