Of Mice and Men Split-Quotes

Here is a PDF of the handout from class: Of Mice and Men Split Quotes

Split QuotesMajor themes of this novel are friendship, the American dream, and loneliness.  It is your job to find relevant quotes from the novel that relate to these themes.  These notes will serve two purposes: Continue reading


“Walter Mitty” & “Rose for Emily”

On Friday 01/17/14, you were to read “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”  Title a journal entry Walter Mitty: 01/17, and answer questions 1-7 at the end of the story.  Include part of the question in your response so I know what you’re responding to.

On Monday 01/21/14, read “A Rose for Emily.”   Title a journal entry Rose for Emily: 01/21, and answer questions 1-5, & 8-10 at the end of the story.

Second Semester

  • We will review the course syllabus since we have a large change in the student body in each class.
  • We will engage in some synthesis activities regarding what students learned last semester in each of their Lit/Lang 3 courses.
  • We will write daily journals & review journal writing policies.
  • We will prep for Of Mice & Men.