Of Mice and Men

We have created artifacts depicting friendship.  We will continue with some background information on Steinbeck prior to reading the novel.

I tried finding a link to Of Mice and Men via Project Gutenberg; however, it is not available there.  I kept stumbling upon this copy, but I haven’t vetted it and cannot speak to its completeness.  If you leave your book at school and can’t complete the homework, this might be better than nothing.

We will begin the novel Thursday.  It is your responsibility to stay on top of the readings, especially when you are absent.  Being absent doesn’t mean you are exempt from homework.  As per the syllabusyou will still be responsible for quizzes and homework even when you’re absent. 

Consider starting to collect quotes for the Split-Quote assignment which will be due once we are finished reading the novel.  You will need a total of 15-20 quotes from throughout the novel.  Quotes should cover themes related to friendship, loneliness, or the American Dream. Keep a notebook nearby for quote collecting as you read.

Reading Schedule: Subject to change

  • Chapter 1 (pages 1-16), Thursday 1/23
  • Chapters 2-3 (17-65), Friday 1/24
  • Quiz Chapters 1-3, Monday 1/27
  • Chapter 4 (66-83), Monday 1/27
  • Chapters 5-6 (84-107), Tuesday 1/28
  • Quiz Chapters 4-6, Wednesday 1/29
  • 15-20 Split-Quotes Due Friday 1/31 – worth 150 points