Cultural Differences & Cultural Privileges

Students created identiy / cultural posters in class.  Students then tried to analyze the poster of a peer whose identity was unknown to them. They tried to identify primary cultural characteristics of the artist based on the presentation of the poster: what is the artist’s race, class, gender, religion, cultural beliefs, lived experiences, etc.

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What is culture?  We discussed this concept on 02/19 in groups.  It is a big, abstract, tough concept to wrestle with.

We will be covering these notes on Communication & Culture in class via lecture & discussion.

You should be contemplating the “Nesting Dolls” that make up your own personal culture. (Here’re some not-so-traditional Nesting Dolls for comparison.)

Friday 02/21 we started making identity / values / cultural collages.  Students were instructed to find images and create a poster that represents their cultural values & beliefs. Some students had difficulty coming up with ideas.  This will be on-going in class through Tuesday 02/25.  Students can use text too, but the collage needs to be primarily image-based & visual in nature.