Of Mice and Men In-Class Essay

Prompt:  Write an essay arguing on the theme of friendship in Of Mice and Men.  What is true friendship? Does this novel fit with your definition? Why or why not? Is the relationship between George and Lennie a true friendship? Your argument should culminate in a position stating whether George’s act of shooting Lennie at the end is out of friendship or selfishness. 

The majority of points from this essay will come from the support and elaboration of the support in your response to the prompt. Just throwing a quote in will not get you the points. It is developing a reflective response using the quotes as support that will make for a strong essay. Be sure to have a topic sentence and closing sentence for each paragraph. Write a minimum of 500 words.

Discussion of the prompt:  Your essay will be a minimum of five paragraphs in length.  You need three main points total, one for each paragraph.  Use at least one quote in each paragraph, but preferably two.  Follow the outline below.  Remember to set up quotes with tags (introduce who said the quote and to whom they were speaking), and end quotes with page citations. 

Example:  George tells Lennie “I ain’t mad.  I never been mad, an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing I want ya to know” (106). This shows that…

I.  Introduction: Open with an attention getter, mention the author & title of the text (title is underlined), briefly summarize the novel, then narrow to a thesis statement: “Friendship is X, Y, and Z.” or  “George and Lennie are / aren’t friends because X, Y, Z.”

II.  Body:  Three paragraphs, each one examining a characteristic of friendship (loyalty, having one’s back, trust, protection, unconditional love, acceptance of a friend’s faults, etc.).  The last body paragraph should include information regarding your stance of George’s final act toward Lennie.

III.  Conclusion:   Summarize the main points of your essay, end with a final thought about friendship.

Follow MLA format: only write on one side of the page, double-space, write in ink.  Put your name information in the upper right corner, and give your paper a title