Harlem Renaissance Projects

Harlem Renaissance Projects: 250 points total

Prompt: Create a poster/power point presentation using images and text covering a topic related to the Harlem Renaissance, worth 150 points.  You can choose from the list of topics below or have Borger approve another related one before you start research. Presentations will begin on Monday 03/17. Recitation of poetry by African-American authors, worth an additional 100 points, will occur at this time as well. Continue reading


Poetry Recitation

Harlem Renaissance Poetry Recitation: 100 points

Prompt: Recite a poem written by an African-American poet.

Discussion of the prompt: Choose a poem written by an African-American poet to perform aloud to your peers.  Poets can be from the Harlem Renaissance – Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, Claude McKay – but feel free to step outside the bounds of that time frame.  Most contemporary poets – Gwendolyn Brooks, Alice Walker, Maya Angelou – were influenced by these groundbreakers.

You will be presenting your poem of choice orally.  Good public speaking requires speakers to practice at least 6 times before presenting something to an audience. Continue reading