ACT Prep

Yup! It’s that time of year again: ACT PREP!

*clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*


*jumping up and down in the air*

*jazz hands*

Oh, wait?  Not excited about weeks of class time spent on test prep?


It may not be the most fun class time we have all year, but studies show it is definitely worth it.  One factor that can contribute to your success on the ACT is familiarity with the test.  And that’s what we’ve been doing!

For the duration of this unit we are going to be doing lots of BORING test prep. *yawn*  However, all of the conditioning we engage in will help you earn a higher score on the ACT. *fingers crossed*  Also, if you simply engage with the in-class activities, you’ll earn all the points for that day. *yeay!*  Easy points, higher ACT scores, a happy Borger: what more could you ask for?!

First off, here are some resources you can use on your own:

The “official” ACT Test Prep Page

ACT Prep videos on Youtube via the Brightstorm channel.  Brightstorm also has its own external page here, but they want you to sign up and ultimately pay for their services.  I like these videos because they do a thorough job of explaining how to ‘play the game’ or how to ‘beat the test.’  You can sign up and get a free day of video watching without cost.  Most videos are 8-ish minutes.  I don’t advocate paying for online ACT prep services though – there’s enough free stuff out there (& in my classroom).

I will add more data as we go.  Here is a list of ACT Writing Prompts we will be working with in groups on Friday 04/11.