ACT English Prep Slides

Your task is to create a 2-3 slide PowerPoint covering aspects of ACT English Test. (Don’t forget the wonderful lessons learned via Death by PowerPoint!)  Using the sites below, create a mini-PowerPoint which will review some basic grammar rules.  

  • While I’d prefer if you focus on skills related to the English Test, feel free to cover content from any area of the ACT.
  • Save your work in your F: drive  as “ACT PREP” & we’ll review them on Thursday.
  • You may work in pairs, but not in groups of 3.  There’s not enough work on a 2-3 slide PowerPoint for 3 people.  Work alone, get done, then cruise through the sites for information in areas you feel weakest in.

SparkNotes ACT Prep: Well organized and pretty thorough.

The “Official” ACT Website: The real-deal. What are calculator tips anyway? *shrug*

Kaplan ACT: A test prep company – their tips aren’t bad.

ACT Test Scoring Table: I have hard-copies of this for you.   In the meantime you can kind of check out how many questions you can miss in each section to achieve your desired score.  Many colleges are looking for scores in the low-to-mid-twenties.  You can guess & miss a number of questions in each section and still do well.  Don’t underestimate the power of strategic guessing!

1st hour: You have a sub.  Be uber-good & Friday 04/24, post-ACT, you might get to go outside.

Same thing for you 5th hour.