Archived Journal Topics

Friendship: 1/15/14
How do you define friendship?  What are the main characteristics of friendship?  Describe your best friend.  What makes you BFF’s?

Freewrite: 1/17/14
Write what you will for five minutes.

“Walter Mitty”: 1/17/14
Read “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” Answer questions 1-7 in your journal.  Include part of the question in your response.  Answers should stand alone & make sense without me needing to go refrence the questions in the book.

“Rose for Emily”: 1/21/14
Read “A Rose for Emily.” Answere questions1-5 & 8-10 in your journal. Again, incorporate part of the question in your response so that your answers can stand alone.

George & Lennie: 01/24/14
Describe George & Lennie.  Be detailed.  Describe their friendship.  What kind of friendship do they have? Do you think they are ‘good’ friends?  Explain.  What kind of history do they have together?

Who Needs Whom? 02/03/14
Who needs whom more:  Does George need Lennie more or does Lennie need George more?  Explain your response.  Describe what George’s life will be like from now on without Lennie.

Loneliest Characters: 02/04 or 02/07/14
Describe the loneliness of different characters from the novel.  Compare the different reasons why each character is lonely – try to pull examples from the text.  How do they act toward other characters as a result of their loneliness?

*Collected: 02/07*

Culture: 02/19
What is culture?  How do you define culture?
Students wrote for 5 minutes then engaged in a group activity for credit.

Co-Cultures & Nesting Dolls: 02/21
We finished covering main information on Culture & Communication notes.  Students started working on construction paper posters representing the ‘nesting dolls’ of co-culture which make up their own individual cultures. Posters will be finished Monday 02/24 for 50 pts.

My Poster: 02/25
What does your poster represent about you?  What values & beliefs are represented in your poster.  Look at your poster with a stranger’s eyes: what assumptions might someone make about you based on your race, gender, socio-economic status (SES), religion, regionality, etc. based on your poster choices?  What might they think about your lived experiences, what you value & care for, etc.? Explain.

Harlem Renaissance: 02/26

Read “The Harlem Renaissance” on pages 742 – 743 in your text.  Then flip thorough & scan the works in this section (through 770).  What are your initial impressions of the work presented here? What is the Harlem Renaissance about according to this preview in your text?  What are some themes / ideas you see across these pieces?

Journal Entry: I, Too, Am Harvard: 03/04
What do you think of the film / photo project?  How does it resonate with the Invisible Knapsack / White Privilege piece you read?  What did it feel like when you had all the class stare at you last week when Borger asked them too?  How is this related to both the “Invisible Knapsack” piece & the “I, Too, Am Harvard” piece?

Notes: Slavrery by Another Name: 03/05
Take notes as you view the first 30 minutes of the film Slavery by Another Name.  Then, respond to five of the questions on the handout Borger gave in class.  Notes are worth 25 points & responses are worth 25 pts.

The Great Migration & “The Warmth of Other Suns”: 03/06
View Isabelle Wilkerson’s interview on the Democracy Now website (about 20 minutes – should load at the 39:00 mark) & take notes as you watch.  Respond to the interview:  Why did Wilkerson write the book?  What are the three main journeys she chronicles in her book?  What does she say about the Great Migration & its significance on America’s cultural history?

Project Reflection: 03/24
Write two paragraphs on the following topics:

1. Using the ‘group roles’ sheet I gave you in class, describe what kinds of roles you played in the Harlem Renaissance Group project you just completed.  Describe the kinds of roles your peers played.  Give examples and try to be specific.

2. Discuss the process for your project:  how and why did you choose your particular subject?  How did you choose poster vs. powerpoint?  How did you collect data and make editorial choices for assembly?  How did you determine what to say and who would say what?  Discuss rehearsal process.  What would you do differently if you could do it over?

Speed Reading Reflection: 04/17(21)
Reflect on the speed reading process.  What did you think about it as we started it?  How did your numbers move as we progressed through the activity?  Have you noticed any differences in reading speed or comprehension as a result?  How do you feel about your reading skills?  What was your % of increase?  Do you feel this was a good activity or waste of time (honest answers are ok – you won’t hurt my feelings if you didn’t like it).