Group Collaboration Story

Yesterday you were assigned groups & were told to share the stories connected to your pictures. 

On Friday, 08/29 in the computer lab, start creating a larger collaborative story using each of the images in your group.  You can use data from your existing stories, from the work we did flip-flopping in class on Wednesday, or you can start all over from scratch.  Do what you can in the time allotted.

Save your work in one group member’s F: drive, but also save to the H: drive (UserFiles, Borger, Lit-Lang 3 Folder).  I will be giving participation points using the artifacts in the H: drive, so if it isn’t saved there = no points for you!

Make sure all members’ names are on the story, & use MLA format.


Picture-Story Group Collaboration

Using the story they created in lab Mon & Tues, students will engage in an inversion activity – they will swap pictures with a peer and write for 15 minutes. Then they will share, compare, contrast, & discuss different versions / interpretations of the same image. On Thursday, students will collaborate & compose a longer selection using the combination of their individual stories.  On Friday, students will return to the lab to revamp / renew / reconstruct their work with new eyes this time.  Group collaboration days will be graded using the Participation Points scale.  

Writing Diagnostic: Telling a Story

Each student will be given an image at the beginning of class.  Students will be asked to compose a detailed story using the image as creative motivation.  Students will compose for the entire hour on Monday 08/25.  Students should write without stopping and should spend the entire hour writing.  A single paragraph at the end of the hour will not be substantial enough to earn a solid grade for this assignment.

This assignment is worth 50 points.