Mini-PowerPoint Presentations

We are going to be doing mini-PowerPoint Presentations on the American Romantics, Transcendentalists, and Dark Romantics (pages 138-149 in your text).  Each pair of students will be given a small section to cover and each pair will present their information to the class on Thursday / Friday this week (50 points research & presentation + 50 points lab work participation points). NOTE: The F: drive is fixed.  Save the file to your F: drive AND save to the H: drive (H:, lborger, Lit-Lang 3 folder). You only have 15 minutes finish & save today (Thurs. 10/16).  Presentations will begin today!

Students will begin by viewing the very important presentation: DEATH BY POWERPOINT.  View the entire slide show as a pair (pay attention as there might be a quiz over this stuff).

Then, as a pair, decide on which teeny-tiny section of the American Romantics you want to cover in class with your PowerPoint of Awesome! Come up with 2-3 choices between pages 138-149 (and beyond) to present to Borger.  She will mark down “who is doing what,” like the Wizard of Oz that she is.