Emerson: “Nature never wears a mean appearance” or “I become a transparent eyeball.”

Borger read excerpts from Emerson’s essay Nature on pages 182-183 in their texts.  They started taking split-quotes over his works, copying down teacher generated quotes first then selecting quotes on their own as they finished the piece.  Students had roughly 8 quotes complete at the end of the selection and everyone wanted to run outside into the sunshine and experience joy Nature instills in all of us!!!

They will read excerpts from Self-Reliance tomorrow, Wednesday 10/22, and add to their split quotes.  Some of you may remember Shaun Roger’s reading of Emerson’s work at last year’s talent show; “Every heart vibrates to that iron string!” Recitations like his will be a mandatory portion of your final exam (delivered to Borger by the end of the semester & to the class for extra credit, if you so choose).

Thursday students will be engaged in ThinkLink testing in the library.  After the three-day weekend, we will embark upon Thoreau’s work.