Mandatory Memorized Performance: 20% of Final Exam Grade

We have studied the works of a variety of writers this semester.  Your task for this project is to perform the words of one or more of these authors from memory.  Choose your selection wisely. This project will be worth 20% of your final exam grade.

  • Only memorized texts can earn an “A” for this portion of the final exam; however, memorizing alone cannot earn you an “A” for this project. See Poetry Recitation Rubric for grading criteria.
  • All selections must be approved by Borger.  Selections can be one of the following, but must be at least 250-words long: roughly 1 page, double-spaced, 12-point font. (This entire prompt is 300 words long):
    • An excerpt from Thoreau
    • An excerpt from Emerson
    • A compilation of Thoreau & Emerson’s work
    • An excerpt from Poe or a compilation of pieces of his work
    • An excerpt from Franklin or compilation of his work
    • An excerpt from Edwards
    • Poetry by Longfellow, Dickinson, or Whitman.  Since poetry is shorter, you may need to recite multiple selections by one or more of these authors
    • A 250-word excerpt from a text related to the time periods we have discussed in class so far: Puritans, Rationalists, Romantics (Transcendentalists, Dark Romantics, “American Masters”)

I encourage creativity in your performance choices.  Feel free to use music, props, costumes, etc.

Performances must be delivered before the final exam, but can be delivered starting the week after Thanksgiving.

Students may chose to perform their selections alone before Borger or before their classmates. Students who perform in front of their peers will earn a 10% boost to their overall final exam grade. 

Some class-time will be provided for rehearsal and memorization; however a bulk of this project needs to be rehearsed in your own time.

Students must submit a typed script with their final performance.