Archived Journals 2014

First Week and a Half: 08/28  Describe your first week and a half of school.  How is it going so far?  What are you excited about?  What are you not-so-excited about?

Context: 09/03 Have you ever been in a situation that has been misinterpreted by adults?  For example, have adults assumed you (or friends) were doing something wrong and reacted harshly when in fact, nothing ‘wrong’ was happening?  If you could have explained yourself, what might you have told them to clarify the situation? Context is very important: have you been in a situation where an adult (or someone else) has missed part of the context and misinterpreted your actions?  Explain.

Group Work: 09/04  Describe the work of collaborating on your group stories together.  How did you divide and conquer the task?  How did you incorporate information from each others’ stories / images? How much work did folks do (I gave you word counts in class – use that as a guide if you want to).

American: 09/05  What does it mean to be “American?” (This is being left purposefully broad & vague so that you can go wherever you want to with your response.)

Jonathan Edwards as Dad: 09/23Write about what you think it would be like to have Jonathan Edwards as a father.  What would life be like for you as a teenage if he was your dad?  You can position yourself in the 1600’s or position him as your father today.

Ben Franklin & Moral Purity: 10/01

Emerson & Conformity: 10/07
1. write 1-2 things you remember from the video clip we just watched (16:00 – 25:00; 28:00-37; 42:00-46:00).

2. What thoughts do you have about conformity?  How do you define conformity? What does conformity look like? What do you think about it?

Thoreau’s Walden: 10/28
Summarize the excerpts you read out of Walden yesterday in class.  Use your book & split-quotes if you need to.