Realism Reflection

Analyze two of the Realists selections & then compare them to the previous ideas of the Romantics.  This will be a 3-5 paragraph response – sort of a mini-essay.  Selections include: “To Build a Fire” (481), “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” (424), “The Battle with Mr. Covey” from Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (399), and from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (407).

  • Compose an introduction where you talk about the main ideas of the Realists (from your notes, our discussions, & the unit introduction in your text).
  • Analyze two of the selections & show how each reflects / represents the ideals of the Realists.  You cannot get an “A” on this assignment without quoting from the selections.  Move beyond summary and into analysis.
  • Conclude by discussing how & why these authors’ texts are so different from Emerson, Thoreau, and Poe.

Save to your F: drive and print & turn in to Borger at the end of the hour today.


“Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

Students should read “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.”  Students should collect 5 quotes that represent detailed depictions of ordinary characters and realistic events (similar to the quotes from “To Build a Fire”).

Seminar & Weekend Homework

Students who have their Realism & Naturalism Notes will play a hot-potato-quiz-game at the beginning of class.  Students who do not have notes will be relegated to the outer circle where they will complete their note-taking.  No notes = no hot-potato for you!

Students will seminar over “To Build a Fire” & we will primarily discuss the differences in the author’s approach to nature compared to the Romantics.

Over the weekend, students should read “from Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” (399-406) and “from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” by Harriet A. Jacobs (407-410).  Write a paragraph for each narrative summarizing each author’s personal experiences with slavery.  Then write a paragraph analyzing difference between each author’s experiences.

Summaries due Tuesday 1/20/15 for a quiz grade.

Realism Notes & Romanticism Quotes

Realism Notes: 25 pts

Take notes over the section in your textbook introducing Realism as the next big American philosophy in our country following Romanticism & Transcendentalism (382-395).

  • You should have roughly 13 different headings/primary notes  with sub-points (there are 13 headings in the section).
  • Include information from the text boxes “Elements of Realism” and “Elements of Naturalism.”  Be able to distinguish between the two.
  • Be able to compare Realism & Naturalism to Romanticism.  (You might have to back track in your own notes or look over the Romanticism section in the text to refresh your memory).
  • Notes can be fragments – no need to write in complete sentences.  Just get the jist of each main heading.
  • You will be quizzed on this information.

Romanticism Quotes: 25 pts

In pairs, create a poster that has a quote (and an image) related to the Romantics / Transcendentalists / Dark Romantics (similar to the posters on the walls already representing the Puritans and Rationalists).

Poetry Outloud: Poem Recitation

Yup!  Borger’s making you memorize and recite more stuff again!

Today, your task is to read through the poems in the Poetry Outloud Anthology, and potentially select a poem to memorize and recite to Borger.  This will be a major 100 point assignment in here (equivalent to a major essay).  This Presentation Rubric will be used to grade your recitation.

One good method of searching is to narrow poems by “Poetic Form and Terms” using the search box on the left of the page.  They also categorize poems that are “25 Lines or Fewer” for folk who aren’t huge fans of memorization.

Do not print poems today unless you are certain that is the poem you want to memorize. I suggest you make a Word document and copy and paste links or the poems themselves, and save them in your F: drive until you are certain which you want to recite. Sometimes you need to read a poem aloud a number of times. Your participation points today will come from me checking for poems in your F: drive.  Label the file “Poetry Outloud” for easy access. 

Selection titles & authors are due to Borger by Wednesday, 1/14, this week (25 points). Today is the only class day devoted to searching for poems.  Review them during 9th hour if you didn’t find poems this afternoon.

For students interested in participating in the school-wide competition, check out the rules here. I will be holding individualized coaching sessions with students serious about competing.  I have helped coached speech team members who have competed at the state and national levels before.  I believe we have the talent here to go beyond SWIC’s competition in February.  If you believe it too, make your selections quickly and start memorizing!

Spread the word!

Realism & Post-Civil War America

Students will review information from the first semester (Puritans through American Masters / Civil War).  We will be starting with a mini-unit on Realism.

Students will begin reading “To Build a Fire” by Jack London (480) in their text in class today.

Students should collect 5 quotes that realistically depict the action of the story.  Look for quotes that have concrete details which help us feel & see the setting & situation in the story.