Realism Notes & Romanticism Quotes

Realism Notes: 25 pts

Take notes over the section in your textbook introducing Realism as the next big American philosophy in our country following Romanticism & Transcendentalism (382-395).

  • You should have roughly 13 different headings/primary notes  with sub-points (there are 13 headings in the section).
  • Include information from the text boxes “Elements of Realism” and “Elements of Naturalism.”  Be able to distinguish between the two.
  • Be able to compare Realism & Naturalism to Romanticism.  (You might have to back track in your own notes or look over the Romanticism section in the text to refresh your memory).
  • Notes can be fragments – no need to write in complete sentences.  Just get the jist of each main heading.
  • You will be quizzed on this information.

Romanticism Quotes: 25 pts

In pairs, create a poster that has a quote (and an image) related to the Romantics / Transcendentalists / Dark Romantics (similar to the posters on the walls already representing the Puritans and Rationalists).