Of Mice and Men In-Class Essay

Of Mice and Men

Essay Exam

Prompt:  Write a short essay arguing one of the main points below.

Discussion of the prompt:  Your essay will be a minimum of three paragraphs in length for a “C,” five for an “A”.  Open with a thesis statement (or full introductory paragraph if you’re savvy).  You need three points total, one for each paragraph.  Use at least one quote in each paragraph, preferably two.  Remember to set up quotes with tags (introduce who said the quote and to whom they were speaking), and end quotes with page citations (8).  End with a concluding statement at the bottom of your final paragraph (or full conclusion paragraph if you’re savvy).

Example:  George tells Lennie “I ain’t mad.  I never been mad, an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing I want ya to know” (106). This shows that…

Topic 1: Friendship
Argue whether George’s act of shooting Lennie at the end of the novel is out of friendship or out of selfishness.

Topic 2: Loneliness
Argue which character / characters are the loneliest in the novel. Your body paragraphs can focus on individual characteristics of a single character or each paragraph can focus on a different character’s loneliness.

Topic 3: The American Dream
Argue whether George and Lennie (and Candy) would or would not have gotten their little house an’ lived “off the fatta the lan’!”

This exam is due on Friday 2/13/2015.  There are no late grades on this essay.  Do not dork around with this assignment.  You have two days in class to get this done—that should be plenty of time to complete this assignment.  You will be graded on what you turn in on Friday.

Use split-quotes & your novel on the essay.  Turn split-quotes and essays in at the end of the day on Thursday 02/12 whether you are finished or not.  They will be resubmitted to you on Friday for completion.