Harlem Renaissance Poetry Memorization Project

Click this link for a PDF of the Harlem Renaissance Poetry Memorization Project & Rubric. Poems will be recited in class April 7-10.  Days will be assigned but students will picked randomly on each speaking day.

In this project, you will memorize and recite a poem from the Harlem Renaissance. This means that you will need to practice and become familiar with all the words and pronunciations as well as the overall meaning of the poem.  Understanding the poem will allow you to place pauses and emphasis on key words in the right place.   Continue reading


Harlem Renaissance Projects

Harlem Renaissance Projects: 200 points

Prompt: Create a poster presentation using images and text covering a topic related to the Harlem Renaissance.  You can choose from the list of topics below or have Borger approve another related one before you start research. Presentations will begin on Wednesday 04/01.  Continue reading

Moderns & Harlem Renaissance

We will not be having regular class tomorrow since I will be proctoring the PARCC exam in the afternoon.

Your task is to read pages 560-69 in your text over the Moderns & pages 742-43 over The Harlem Renaissance.  Take notes over the Tenets of the American Dream & Elements of Modernism & key points related to The Harlem Renaissance.

Read “The Incident” on page 747 & be ready to discuss on Wednesday.

Have notes to present to Borger in class on Wednesday, 03/18 for points.

Slavery By Another Name

Realism came out of a need to accurately represent what was actually happening in our country which included the horrors of slavery and the Civil War.

Students will watch most of the PBS documentary Slavery by Another Name which covers the period of time immediately following the Emancipation Proclamation.  Most Americans believe that freedom came easily and instantaneously after Lincoln’s speech, but that was not the case.  Through convict leasing and peonage, slavery in alternative forms lasted through 1942 in this country.

Isabel Wilkerson wrote The Warmth of Other Suns which chronicles the Great Migration out of the south to New York & the east coast, Chicago & the Midwest, and LA & the west. Wilkerson was interviewed on Democracy Now where she discussed the three primary tales in her book. The Great Migration led to the Harlem Renaissance, which we’ll be discussing in coming weeks.

Friday, 03/13, we will be taking the 5 Essentials Survey for the State of Illinois. Students will be given their number in class.  If you do not write down your number correctly you cannot take the survey – Borger will not be bringing the numbers with her so listen carefully!

Once you have completed the survey, peruse the Slavery by Another Name website and click through “themes” or the “timeline and map” links.  You can also view another image gallery here.   You can also go to the Great Migration website and click any of the links under the “Read About” or “Image Gallery” sections.  Choose an image or definition or concept or timeline nugget, and respond to it.

We talked yesterday about how powerful storytelling is: how it teaches us empathy and prevents us from repeating history’s mistakes. Respond to or create stories for the images and information you see.  Save the files in your F: drive (include a link to the image or factoid you are working with so you can come back to it later since I doubt we will be able to finish this today).

Your responses should be 1-3 pages in length.  You can simply write a multi-paragraph response to our film viewing, seminar, and the information on the websites above.  Or, you can write a story about one of the images or some of the information you’ve thought about across the film, seminar, and websites.