The Crucible Pre-Reading Activities

Students wrote on the following prompts on Monday & discussed the ideas in seminar on Tuesday & Wednesday.


Write 150 words of freewrite about each of these situations for seminar.

  1. A friend asks you to sign a petition to have a teacher suspended from school for “unprofessional activities in the classroom.” Your friend says that if you would sign more people would be interested in the problem because a lot of people know and respect you.  Besides, she says, “You know what a jerk Mr. Smith is.  And we have to get people like this out of the school, and besides, it’s just a piece of paper.” You, however, don’t know Mr. Smith very well.  You have heard rumors about his classroom sometimes getting out of control, but otherwise you never met the man. What will you do?  What will you tell your friend?  Why will you do this?


  1. Write about a time when you feel you have had to go against the crowd. Have you ever disobeyed authority to protect your friends?  Have you ever gone against your friends and sided with authority because you thought it was important?  Discuss the situation.  Explain what happened, what you did, why you did it, and how you felt then and now about what happened.