The Crucible Pre-Research

Write a short research reflection on one of the topics below.  DO NOT SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE: use the quote format we’ve used before: tag + quote + cite + explanation.  For internet sources, simply cite where you got the info in the tag: According to the Discovery Education website, the Salem Witch Trials occurred because “yadda yadda yadda.”

WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A CREDIBLE SOURCE SO DON’T USE IT. I’ve provided a few links below each topic to get you started (you can use other sites as well – look for sites that end with .gov, .edu, .org). Try to finish today – this is the only day we have in the lab for this.  Print what you have done by the end of the hour and bring it with you to class on Friday for group-fun-seminar-time! The research reflection is worth 50 points.

1. Write a short informative piece about the Salem Witch Trials – the setting of the play. Explain what they were, who was involved, when they occurred, & why they happened.  Here are some links to get you started.

2. Write a short informative piece about McCarthyism & “The Red Scare” in the 1950’s – the period during which the play was written. Explain what it was, who was involved, when it occurred, & why it happened.

3. Write a short informative piece about Puritanism – the philosophy of the characters in our play (and, in a nice circular move, a return to where we started the school year). Include the covenants of Puritanism, the elect & unregenerate & predestination, & the protestant work ethic.