Crucible Reading Schedule

It is your responsibility to read sections of the text you miss when you are absent.  Being absent does not give you a free pass on quizzes.  If you are absent the day before we take a quiz, you are still responsible for the reading and will have to take the quiz the same day as everyone else.

Friday 04/24: Finish Act 1 over the weekend
Monday 04/27: Quiz over Act 1
Tuesday 04/28: Start Act 2
Wednesday 04/29: Continue Act 2 (continue collecting quotes – start finding quotes on a single character & focus your analysis on how that character changes over the course of the play.)
Thursday 04/30: Finish Act 2; start Act 3
Friday 05/01: Finish reading Act 3 in class
Monday 05/04:  Start Act 4
Tuesday 05/05: Continue / Finish Act 4
Thursday 05/07: Quiz over Acts 2-4; final split-quote check