Crucible Essay

Choose one of the two options below.

Write an essay in which you discuss the ways in which the individual must sometime go against the “moral fashion of the time.”  The essay will have four sections plus an introduction.  Include in your paper:

  • A discussion of Proctor’s decision to rebel against his times–What did he do?  What were the results?
  • Then choose a second character in the play and analyze her/his actions in terms of their willingness to go against the “moral fashion of the times.”
  • In your third section discuss a time when you have been willing to stand up to what everyone else does, or thinks is right.  Explain the details of the situation, how you felt during the situation, and the results.
  • Draw some larger conclusion as the role of the individual in society.  What should she/he do when confronted with society’s rules that are in opposition to personal values?


Write a four paragraph essay in which you trace the development of 1-2 of the characters in The Crucible.  Each body paragraph should include at least 2-3 quotes about or by the character you are analyzing.  (Body paragraphs will probably run about 200 words).  These paragraphs should focus on how the character changed and what caused those changes.  Static characters should be described throughout the play.  Note: One of the characters you analyze must by dynamic.

The first paragraph should identify the work and the author, include a 5-7 sentence plot summary, and end with a thesis describing the characters you will analyze.  The final paragraph will summarize your main points and end with a discussion of why the people of Salem acted the way they did.