Contagious Emotions & Other Brouhaha

So, remember in seminar yesterday when I was all like “AH MAN!  I would LOVE to share this cool radio-article with you about contagious emotions and how hysteria is catching!”  And I was all sad that the school year is over and we didn’t have time for it?

Well, here’s a link to the show that clip is in.  It’s from a show called Radiolab.  If you are going to be traveling (or bored) this summer, check out their podcasts.  This show is why I am so coo-coo-bananas over brains and whatnot.  It’s also more proof of the power of storytelling: when science meets stories, magic happens!

(OOPS! I forgot to add the link to the show on laughter.  Here it is.  You can listen to the whole show or just click on the “Contagious Laughter” story at the bottom of the page.)

Listen to the first part of this episode on bliss to hear an arctic explorer become insanely happy when he digs something mundane up from under the snow. (It’ll make you smile and maybe even laugh out-loud.)

The episode on race is fascinating and is a great companion to our unit on The Harlem Renaissance, slavery, convict leasing, etc. Race isn’t what you think it is.

The episode on cities is also uber-intersting, especially considering many of you will be graduating in a year and may be living in cities other than Sparta.

Here’s an episode on morality (since it came up in seminar recently).  And here’s an episode on why people are good & here’s one on why people are bad. 🙂

Here’s an episode on how/why deception works & why we need lies in our lives sometimes.

AKK!  I have so much to teach you and so little time…*sigh*

Y’all were a PHENOMENAL class!