Whitman’s Poetry

Students took notes on the following terms & we discussed the following poems below (which will be on your final exam).

  • Song of Myself verse 52 (which you have as a handout & we have already discussed)
  • “I Hear America Singing”
  • Song of Myself verse 10
  • “A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim”

Poetry Terms:

Free Verse: Poetry written without regular rhyme schemes & meter; still uses other elements of poetry though

Alliteration: Repetition of similar consonant sounds

Assonance: Repetition of similar vowel sounds

Imagery: Use of language to evoke pictures as well as sensations like smell, taste, hearing, touch (Sensory Language)

Onomatopoeia: words whose sounds echo their meaning

Parallel Structure: Repetition of phrases, clauses, or sentences that have the same grammatical structure

Cadence Musical run of words; rises & fall of words & sounds in a poem

Catalogue: Long lists of related things, people, ore events, creates a rhythm & repetition in Whitman’s poems

Coda: Summing up & restatement of themes of poems

Tone: Attitude the writer takes toward a subject