Final Exam Prep

As I’ve said ALL YEAR, use all of your old quizzes and tests as a study guide for the final exam.

You can also scroll through this website through old posts to access information about the main sections we covered this semester:

September Posts

  • Puritans (Jonathan Edwards – “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”)
  • Rationalists (Ben Franklin from Autobiography and from Poor Richard’s Almanac)
  • Introduction to Romantics & Transcendentalists:
    • Emerson: from Nature & from Self-Reliance
    • Thoreau: from Walden
  • Introduction to Dark Romantics
    • Irving: “Devil & Tom Walker”

October Posts

  • Civil Disobedience
    • Thoreau
    • King
    • Ghandi
  • Conformity
    • Thoreau
    • Emerson
    • Podcasts: Becoming Batman & Entanglement
  • Last of the Mohicans
  • Dark Romanticism: Poe
    • “Tell-Tale Heart”
    • “The Black Cat”
    • “The Pit & The Pendulum”

November Posts

  • More Poe
  • Dark Romantic Stories

December Posts

  • Poetry Terms
  • Whitman
    • Song of Myself verse 52 (which you have as a handout & we have already discussed)
    • “I Hear America Singing”
    • Song of Myself verse 10
    • “A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim”
  • Dickinson
    • “Because I could not stop for Death”
    • “I Heard a Fly Buzz — when I died”
    • “Tell all the Truth but tell it slant”
  • Dead Poets Society