“Story of an Hour” & “Silk Stockings”

Read “The Story of an Hour” (handout given in class) and “The Silk Stockings” (page 504 in your text). Both stories are by Kate Chopin.  You can and should annotate directly on the handout.  We completed “The Weight of the World” journal today as well – when you’re absent, it is your responsibility to do make-up work on your own.

We will take a quiz over both stories on Tuesday, 02/02/16.  Know the vocab highlighted on pages prior to each story for the quiz as well.

Realism notes due today, 01/29/16, for credit.  Not accepted after today for points. 


Realism Essay

Lit/Lang 3: Realism Mini-Essay

Analyze two of the Realists selections & then compare them to each other and to the previous ideas of the Romantics.  This will be a 3-5 paragraph response – sort of a mini-essay.  Selections include: “To Build a Fire” (481) & “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” (424).

Paragraph 1: Compose an introduction where you talk about the main ideas of the Realists (from your notes of the unit introduction in your text). Don’t just vomit up ALL the details – focus on the details that pertain to these two stories: (psychological) realism & (grim) naturalism.

Paragraph 2:  analyzing one selection showing how it reflects / represents the ideals of the realists.  You cannot get an “A” on this assignment without quoting from the selections.  Move beyond summary and into analysis.  Pick quotes that show realism / naturalism & explain why.  Don’t just summarize the story – we already did that in seminar.  Pick the story apart.

Paragraph 3: analyzing the second selection showing how it reflects / represents the ideals of the realists.  You cannot get an “A” on this assignment without quoting from the selections.   Move beyond summary into analysis.  Pick quotes that show realism / naturalism / irony & explain it.  Don’t just summarize the story – we already did that in seminar.  Pick it apart.

Paragraph 4: Discuss how & these authors’ texts are alike or different (something we didn’t get to do in seminar). Use a quote or example from each story – again, don’t resummarize, but pick one detail from each story to focus on.

Paragraph 5: Conclude your paper (tell me what you’ve told me and leave me with a final ‘ah ha’ thought).  Talk a bit about how different these guys are from Thoreau & Emerson (The Romantics) in terms of individuality, non-conformity, & the beauty of nature.



If you are clueless, just start the essay by writing about the stories.
You will have time to finish in class on Thursday.

“Owl Creek” & “Build a Fire”

Students should read “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”(424) and “To Build a Fire“(481) in their textbooks.

Collect 5 split-quotes over each story.  Look for quotes that are detailed descriptions of realistic people, places, events.  Look for depictions of things the characters / narrators see, hear, smell, taste, feel, etc.  Also look for quotes that clue you into what is going to happen in the end.  Both stories have twisted / unexpected endings.

We will view short film versions in class then seminar over both stories.

Beginning of Second Semester

We will start the semester with a mini-seminar of Dead Poets Society to refresh our memories and get our brains back online.

We will be taking ThinkLink testing on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday we will be discussing realism, “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” and “To Build a Fire.”  Bring your books to class.

Realism Notes: 25 pts

Take notes over the section in your textbook introducing Realism as the next big American philosophy in our country following Romanticism & Transcendentalism (382-395).

  • You should have roughly 13 different headings/primary notes  with sub-points (there are 13 headings in the section).
  • Include information from the text boxes “Elements of Realism” and “Elements of Naturalism.”  Be able to distinguish between the two.
  • Notes can be fragments – no need to write in complete sentences.  Just get the main idea of each main heading.
  • You will be quizzed on this information.