Beginning of Second Semester

We will start the semester with a mini-seminar of Dead Poets Society to refresh our memories and get our brains back online.

We will be taking ThinkLink testing on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday we will be discussing realism, “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” and “To Build a Fire.”  Bring your books to class.

Realism Notes: 25 pts

Take notes over the section in your textbook introducing Realism as the next big American philosophy in our country following Romanticism & Transcendentalism (382-395).

  • You should have roughly 13 different headings/primary notes  with sub-points (there are 13 headings in the section).
  • Include information from the text boxes “Elements of Realism” and “Elements of Naturalism.”  Be able to distinguish between the two.
  • Notes can be fragments – no need to write in complete sentences.  Just get the main idea of each main heading.
  • You will be quizzed on this information.