2-One Pagers

Literature Response: Do 2 One-Pagers

1 over either “Silk Stockings” or “Story of an Hour”


1 over either Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass or Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl


A one-pager is a way of responding to a piece of writing on a single sheet of paper.  It represents your own written and graphic interpretation of what you have read.  It may be very literal (just based on the facts or information in the piece) or it may be a symbolic representation of the piece. It helps you as a reader to visualize what you are reading. Complete a One-Pager for either “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” or “To Build a Fire.”


  1. Must be on standard sized, unlined paper
  2. Must fill the entire page
  3. Writing must be in ink or typed…no pencil
  4. Include the title and the author of the piece
  5. Use colored pens or markers unless otherwise directed

The following elements are required on the one-pager and may be arranged on the page in any way you choose:

  1. Must have one or two quotes from the reading.  (Passages that you like or think are important)
  2. Must have a graphic representation:  drawing, magazine picture, or computer graphic that ties to the piece you read and the quotes you chose. And color
  3. Must include a personal response to what you have read:  comment, interpretation, evaluation, etc.

Keep these directions with you, as we may do this activity several times throughout the course of this class.