Harlem Renaissance Projects: 350 points

Annotated bibliographies are due Monday 03/07.  Annotated bibliographies must be completed before you start working on your poster. You should have 3-5 sources on your topic. Worth 100 points

When you turn in your annotated bib to Borger, start collecting & printing materials for your poster.  Poster should be readable from a distance, so make the text font large.  You’ll have to choose what to put on your poster – you can’t fit it all on there.

We will be in the lab through Tuesday 03/08.  We will be in class working on posters Wednesday 03/09-Friday 03/11. Posters are due Friday 03/11. Worth 100 points

Posters and annotated bibliographies will earn a -10% penalty for each day they are late.

Students will present information on their posters Monday 03/14 – Wednesday 03/16. Worth 50 points

Students should also be memorizing “I, Too” by Langston Hughes.  All students will be reciting this poem to the class for a Renaissance Poetry Memorization Project Grade worth 100 points. Students can volunteer throughout the week: Monday 03/14 – Friday 03/18, but all students should have recited by Friday 03/18. Late recitations earn a 10% deduction each class period late.

See the complete project assignment for more details.