Letter to Your Future Self

Prompt: Write a letter to the “you” you think you will be next year.

Discussion of Prompt: Write a letter to the “you” you think you’ll be at the beginning of next year’s school year.  You can focus on where you’re at right now, discuss anxieties and fears you have as well as what things are currently making you happy and excited.  Talk about what you hope to get out of this, your junior year & what you think your senior year will hold. Discuss the obstacles and challenges you might face this year.  You can also bring in situations outside of school, but be careful about self-disclosure: although this letter is to “you,” I will also be reading it.  Put yourself into dialogue with yourself, recognizing that both “yous” are different people.  Language and grammar can be informal (use your own voice and language – you’ll know if you were faking it when you read this letter again next year).

Put today’s date at the top, include a greeting, a closing, and sign the letter in ink at the bottom.