Portfolio Organization

1. In the library, print copies of major pieces of writing that you do not currently have in your folders.  Do not print all papers, just 2-3 most significant pieces from Lit/Lang 1 & Lit/Lang 2. EVERYONE SHOULD PUT THEIR RESEARCH PAPERS IN THEIR PORTFOLIOS.

2. Clean and organize your F: drive. As you look for and print papers, organize your F: drive. Make folders for your subjects (if you haven’t done so already).  Click the “New Folder” button in the upper right.  Name your folders according to class or subject. Right click on a file to delete it.

3. Complete the paper chart Borger gives you after you’ve organized your F: drive and portfolio materials. We will be writing a reflection in class tomorrow using our portfolios.

4. Today is worth 50 points: 25 points participation for staying on track in the lab & 25 points for organizing your portfolio and F: drives.