Portfolio Reflection (Exam)

Use the graphs you created yesterday to help you in writing your essay.


  • A piece of writing that shows your strengths
  • A piece of writing that shows your weaknesses
  • A piece of writing that taught you the most about the writing process or that helped you understand a piece of literature

Write a 500-1000 word essay in which you analyze your writing. 

You might look at focus (how well you stick to a topic), support (how well you prove and explain your topic), organization (how well your writing flows from idea to idea), and mechanics (spelling, punctuation, usage)as a way to evaluate your writing.  You might instead just discuss each paper in terms of its individual strengths and weaknesses.  You might write an epic poem about your writing.  You might examine your writing process, i.e., how you develop your thoughts and move them to paper and the strengths and weaknesses of your techniques.

Quote yourself or at least reference specific points from each of your papers.

Papers should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Print what you have complete by the end of the hour. Give it to Borger and turn portfolio folders in.

*Alternative for new folks or folks who have lost work along the way:

Write an essay in which you analyze yourself as a student.

You might look at homework skills, participation in class, attendance, group work, leadership, thoughtfulness, reflection, production (the quality of the work you produce), areas you struggle with, etc. Again, cite specific examples and think about areas in which you excel and areas in which you flounder. Can you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a thinker / learner / student? What can you do to improve?  What do you wish you had know when you were a freshperson?

These papers should also have an introduction, body, and conclusion with specific examples from previous class experiences.