Performance Dates

Presentation dates for Whitman’s poem (52) or Dickinson’s poem (479)  are below. 10% off for missing your presentation day. No presentation times are available on Friday 12/09 – all recitations must happen by Thursday 12/08. See Presentation Rubric for grading criteria (note deduction is not allowed – you can ask for a line when presenting, but all recitation has to be from memory).

Monday 12/05
Jonathan W.
Zach H.
Dylon R.
Connor B.
Kelsey D.

Tuesday 12/06
Diamond B.
Dilyn R.

Wednesday 12/07
Diamonique J.

Thursday 12/08
Tyler O.
Trevor H.
Jason D.


Memorizing & One-Pager

Choose Whitman’s (52) or Dickinson’s (479) poem to make a one-pager. Add 2-4 or more lines of poetry to the page.  Add a reaction / summary / analysis / interpretation of the lines of poetry / the poem.  Fill the page with drawings / images from magazines / color / etc.

We will be memorizing and reciting these poems during the week of Holly Daze (12/05 – 12/08).  Choose one of them to present to the class from memory. This will be a major assignment worth 100 points.  Choosing not to do it will seriously hurt your grade.  Doing it well will seriously help your grade. 😀 25 points extra credit for performing your poem in the talent show or for doing an additional creative / group performance. 10 points extra credit for volunteering to go before Monday 12/05.



Whitman & Dickinson

Read the following sections in your text about Walt Whitman and Emily DickinsonMake an outline of notes focusing on the major points from the readings in your text and the excerpts in this handout. You should have 2-3 pieces of information from each heading in the text. Notes are due Friday 11/18.  Late notes will be accepted for ½ credit on Monday 11/21. Quiz over Whitman & Dickinson on Tuesday 11/22. Make-up quizzes after Thanksgiving break will be short answer / essay.

  • 302-305 (Whitman & Dickinson Intro)
  • 307-309 (Whitman biography)
  • Background 321
  • 323-324 (from Specimen Days)
  • 335-336 (Dickinson biography)
  • 350 Before You Read
  • 351 “I sing…because I am afraid”

Poe Essay

Poe Essay

Discussion of the prompt:  Write a 750+ – word essay analyzing how Poe’s represents the ideals of the Dark Romantics.  Each paragraph should include at least one quote (preferably two).  You can go over the word count if you need to (and many of you will).Remember the equation to use when quoting:

Tag + quote + cite + explanation = good support

The narrator starts the story by saying, “True! – nervous—very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses – not destroyed – not dulled them” (Poe 199). This is proof that he is mad because….

 Grading Criteria:

  • Have an introduction with a clearly worded thesis (with points of support)
  • Have at least one quote per paragraph (“A” papers must have more)
  • Move beyond summary and into analysis: focus on a single, primary idea / concept / theme / motif across multiple texts. You can include other texts like “The Cask of Amontillado” or “The Raven” if you’ve read them before.
  • This assignment is worth a MAJOR GRADE (remember, this is where a bulk of your grade comes from—get it in!).
  • Follow MLA format: name info in upper left corner, double space, write in ink, 1” margins, etc.
  • Dark Romantic Essay Rubric (attached)

 Possible Prompts:

  • Focus on any of the main ideas of the Dark Romantics as evidenced in the stories.
    • They were Anti-Transcendentalists and believed that the “Truths” of nature are not good and harmless
    • The conflict between good & evil
    • The psychological effects of guilt & sin
    • The madness of the human psyche
    • The idea that horror & evil resided behind the facade of social respectability
  • Analyze similarities between protagonists in the two stories.
  • Argue that we are basically good or basically evil using his texts for support.
  • Compare / contrast Poe with Emerson or Thoreau. Use quotes like “Nature never wears a mean appearance” or “Trust thyself! Every heart vibrates to that iron string!” to compare with some of Poe’s quotes.