Whitman & Dickinson

Read the following sections in your text about Walt Whitman and Emily DickinsonMake an outline of notes focusing on the major points from the readings in your text and the excerpts in this handout. You should have 2-3 pieces of information from each heading in the text. Notes are due Friday 11/18.  Late notes will be accepted for ½ credit on Monday 11/21. Quiz over Whitman & Dickinson on Tuesday 11/22. Make-up quizzes after Thanksgiving break will be short answer / essay.

  • 302-305 (Whitman & Dickinson Intro)
  • 307-309 (Whitman biography)
  • Background 321
  • 323-324 (from Specimen Days)
  • 335-336 (Dickinson biography)
  • 350 Before You Read
  • 351 “I sing…because I am afraid”