Memorizing & One-Pager

Choose Whitman’s (52) or Dickinson’s (479) poem to make a one-pager. Add 2-4 or more lines of poetry to the page.  Add a reaction / summary / analysis / interpretation of the lines of poetry / the poem.  Fill the page with drawings / images from magazines / color / etc.

We will be memorizing and reciting these poems during the week of Holly Daze (12/05 – 12/08).  Choose one of them to present to the class from memory. This will be a major assignment worth 100 points.  Choosing not to do it will seriously hurt your grade.  Doing it well will seriously help your grade. 😀 25 points extra credit for performing your poem in the talent show or for doing an additional creative / group performance. 10 points extra credit for volunteering to go before Monday 12/05.