2016 Journal Prompts

08/26: English Classes
Describe the kinds of work, projects, and things you have learned in all of  your previous Lit/Lang courses.  Focus on the things you’ve learned over and over, focus on the projects and units that were your favorites, focus on the things that have transferred across classes.  What are the most valuable nuggets of information you’ve gotten from Lit/Lang courses?  That can be in relation to the literature you’ve read, the speeches you’ve given, or the papers you’ve written. (collected)

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Kate Chopin Stories

Read “The Story of an Hour” (handout given in class – annotate directly on the story) and “The Silk Stockings” (page 504 in your text). Both stories are by Kate Chopin.  Summaries of both stories as well as 3 split-quotes over each will be due Wednesday, 1/25.

Students will quiz over both stories on Wednesday and should know the definitions of the following terms:

  • Elusive
  • Illumination
  • Repression
  • Acute
  • Fastidious
  • Gaudy
  • Judicious
  • Poignant

Student learning will be interrupted by standardized STAR testing on Tuesday 1/24.

Students should bring reading homework with them to class in the event they finish testing early.


Students will engage in seminar discussion over the short stories we’ve recently read in class.  Students need to have completed some of the homework in order to participate in seminar.  If they have zeroes for homework, they will go to alternative to do a make-up assignment before returning to seminar. See seminar grade rubric for more details. Seminar is one of those assignments that cannot be made up.  Students will receive either a blank or an ‘abs’ in parent connect – absence grades do not affect overall grades.  If students receive an “-ot” grade, that means they were off-topic during seminar.

Realism Notes Quiz Creation

Students will turn in notes over the section on Realism in their textbook (pages 382-395).

Students will compare their notes with the Rise of Realism Handout and highlight similarities between their notes and the handout.

In groups, students will create quiz questions. Students need to create 15 multiple choice questions using material from their notes. Each multiple-choice question should have 4 options of similar length. They will work on these questions today and tomorrow in class.

Students who opt to work alone can create 10 multiple choice questions.

One-Pager and Realism Notes

Students started a one-pager over either “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” or “To Build a Fire” on Monday 01/09 after their quiz. One pagers are due Tuesday 01/10.

Students should then read pages 382-395 over the Rise of Realism and take notes.  Notes due Thursday 01/12 for a quiz grade.

“Owl Creek” & “Build Fire”

On Thursday, 01/05, students read “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” (421) and answered questions 1-7 at the end. They took a quiz on Friday, 01/06.

Homework for Monday, 01/09, is to read “To Build a Fire” (481) and “Left for Dead” (493) and answer questions 1-6 at the end of the reading.  There will be a quiz over these two pieces on Monday, 01/09.

Students who were absent Friday, 01/06, will need to make up the “Owl Creek” quiz on Monday, 01/09.

Students absent on Friday, 01/06, will make up “Build a Fire” quiz & turn in homework on Tuesday, 01/10.

Late homework is only accepted one day late for 1/2 credit, per the syllabus.