“Owl Creek” & “Build Fire”

On Thursday, 01/05, students read “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” (421) and answered questions 1-7 at the end. They took a quiz on Friday, 01/06.

Homework for Monday, 01/09, is to read “To Build a Fire” (481) and “Left for Dead” (493) and answer questions 1-6 at the end of the reading.  There will be a quiz over these two pieces on Monday, 01/09.

Students who were absent Friday, 01/06, will need to make up the “Owl Creek” quiz on Monday, 01/09.

Students absent on Friday, 01/06, will make up “Build a Fire” quiz & turn in homework on Tuesday, 01/10.

Late homework is only accepted one day late for 1/2 credit, per the syllabus.