2016 Journal Prompts

08/26: English Classes
Describe the kinds of work, projects, and things you have learned in all of  your previous Lit/Lang courses.  Focus on the things you’ve learned over and over, focus on the projects and units that were your favorites, focus on the things that have transferred across classes.  What are the most valuable nuggets of information you’ve gotten from Lit/Lang courses?  That can be in relation to the literature you’ve read, the speeches you’ve given, or the papers you’ve written. (collected)

09/14: Substitutes
Evaluate the two substitutes you had on Monday and Tuesday.  How do they rate among other substitutes you’ve had before?  What “grade” would you give each & why? Which subs are your favorite?  Why?  Which subs are your least favorite? Why? (collected)

09/19: Romanticism
What images or ideas or thoughts come to mind when you hear the words ‘romantic’ or ‘romanticism?’  This is a journal where you can draw images instead of write using words.

10/03: Individualism
What does it mean to be an individual?  How does one maintain a unique identity in today’s world when we suffer so much pressure to conform?  How does conformity, peer pressure, and individuality influence teens at SHS?  How do these things affect you?

10/20: PSAT
Describe yesterday’s testing experience.  How did it go?  What did you think?  Describe the different tests? Were they like other tests you’ve taken? What do you need from me to prepare for the SAT in the spring?

10/25: Randolph Co. Teen Drinking
Nationally, 37% of teens report drinking in the past 30 days. State-wide, 45% of teens report drinking. In Randolph County, 53% of teens report drinking.  Respond to these statistics.  What do you think about them?  What contributes to the high level of drinking among teens in our backyard?

10/26: Emerson & Thoreau Quotes
Choose 1-2 of your favorite quotes on the quote sheets you turned in yesterday. Why are you drawn to these quotes?  What do they mean to you? How do they apply to your life today? Why do you like them?

***Journals Collected 10/27***

10/31: Evil vs. Good
Are people basically good or basically evil?  Explain your response.

11/01: Conscience
Your conscience is an inner feeling or voice acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior. How does our conscience work to prevent us from doing bad things? What happens when people override their conscience and choose to do bad things despite the “wrongness” of them? How do guilty consciences affect us in the short term and in the long run?

11/04: Twilight Zone / Freewrite
Summarize and react to the two Twilight Zone episodes from Friday and/or complete a freewrite for the journal time if you were absent Friday. The two episodes were “The Mind and the Matter” and “It’s a Good Life” with that creepy kid, Anthony.

12/12: The Last of the Mohicans (2-3 paragraphs)
In the first paragraph, summarize the film. Include character’s names – don’t just say ‘there was this one dude who did this thing with this other dude.’ If you can’t remember names, at least describe characters to distinguish them.  After that, explain how the film embodies the ideals of the Romantics and Transcendentalists. Talk about it in terms of how nature is portrayed, individualism, city vs. wilderness, etc.