Compass Testing & Research

In order to take dual-credit courses, students need to take the Compass exam offered by SWIC.  On Thursday, 02/09, the Compass will be given here at SHS.  Students who want to take it need to apply to SWIC for a student ID number.

Students asked Borger to take them to the lab so they could complete this task, and she made time in the schedule to do that.  7th hour did it on 02/07. 1st hour will do it today, 02/08.  Hopefully that is enough time for students to get their ID’s and take the Compass on the SHS campus.  If they can’t take it tomorrow, they can always take the Compass at SWIC or one of its satellite campuses.

Students should then conduct some preliminary research on slavery, lynching, or convict leasing.  Students should choose a theme from this page or read information on lynching or the narrative of a lynching victim’s family.

Look through the links below and try to locate images that parallel information from their theme and/or from the narratives of Frederick Douglass or Harriet Jacobs.  They should describe the image in as much detail as they can  on a separate sheet of paper, including the title of the photo and which site it came from (i.e. Man in Cell, Slavery by Another Name).

African Americans in Slavery

Slavery by Another Name Photo Gallery

Museum of African American History and Culture

America’s Black Holocaust Museum Gallery