Slavery by Another Name

Realism came out of a need to accurately represent what was actually happening in our country which included the horrors of slavery and the Civil War.

Students will watch the PBS documentary Slavery by Another Name which covers the period of time immediately following the Emancipation Proclamation.  Most Americans believe that freedom came easily and instantaneously after Lincoln’s speech, but that was not the case.  Through convict leasing and peonage, slavery in alternative forms lasted through the 1940’s in this country.

Students will take notes as they view the film – notes can be in a traditional format or they can be creative and make a word cloud, doodle, etc. Notes are due at the end of each day’s viewing.

Isabel Wilkerson wrote The Warmth of Other Suns which chronicles the Great Migration out of the south to New York & the east coast, Chicago & the Midwest, and LA & the west. Wilkerson was interviewed on Democracy Now where she discussed the three primary tales in her book.

The Great Migration led to the Harlem Renaissance, which we’ll be discussing in coming weeks.