Harlem Renaissance Projects

Harlem Renaissance Hall of Fame Museum Project

In order to learn more about the impact of the prominent people who shaped America during the Harlem Renaissance time period, our Lit/Lang III class will be inducting members into our Hall of Fame Museum.  Inductees into our museum will be primarily the writers and poets of the era as well as musicians, artists, and social change leaders.  In addition some prominent places like the Cotton Club will also be highlighted in the museum.

Choose your inductee to the museum

You must choose from the following list and seek approval from Mrs. Stolte or Borger if you have another idea for an inductee. No sports figures – they’ve been overdone- learn about someone new. If there’s someone you want to cover, ask us. Links in orange weren’t on your original handout.

Writers and Poets





Choose how you want to learn and create

Students may choose to work in groups of no more than two students, or they may choose to work individually.

Create an annotated bibliography using 3-5 sources:
Due 3/3/17 (100 pts. for Borger / Test Grade for Mrs. Stolte)

  1. Start each entry with the bibliographic citation (follow MLA format from the Purdue OWLwebsite or use Easybib).
  2. Entries that are longer than a single line are reverse-indented. See sample.
  3. Skip a line then write thorough summaries of the article.
  4. Include at least two-three significant quotes per entry.  Quotes should be key to the argument; don’t just pick any random quote.
  5. Talk about ways in which ideas are similar to other texts you have read.  What makes each article unique and how does each contribute to your overall argument?
  6. List entries in alphabetical order byauthor’s last name.
  7. Entries are single-spaced with a space between entries.


Cohen, Russell. “Tanning Trouble:  Teens Are Using Tanning Beds in Record Numbers.”
Scholastic Choices 18 (2003): 23-28.

“Tanning Makes Your Skin Darker” by Russell Cohen is about how tanning works on a physiological level.  It discusses how melanin in your epidermis blah blah blah.  You should start each entry with the article title or website title and author followed by a short description of the article’s main idea (or thesis).  The first sentence should contain the most basic information you would need for introducing your article in the body of your paper. Include two-three key quotes in your summary. Again, you’re laying the foundation for your presentation: by including key quotes now –  as you read – you won’t have to re-read and re-search the entire article (or all articles again) later. State how information in this article (or webpage) compares to or contrasts with other data on your topic. It is ok if information is repetitive. You will use the information from your annotated bib. to create your project & present to the class.

Students must choose from the following projects to create an artifact(s) for the museumDue March 7th (100 pts. for Borger & Test Grade for Mrs. Stolte) Consider a combination of one or more of these ideas:

  • Dioramas
  • Shadowbox
  • Collages
  • Sculptures
  • Painting
  • Any 2D – 3D Art
  • Large Scale Wordle
  • Original Portrait (drawing, etc.)
  • Flipbook
  • Music/Song
  • T-shirt
  • Act/Short Play/Video (5 minutes)
  • Model
  • Speech Presentation (3-5 minutes)
  • Other (get teacher approval)

Present your project to the rest of the class. March 7th & 8th (seminar grade for both Borger & Stolte) Be prepared to defend your person as a worthy inductee into the museum. This is what you need to include when you present:

  • A short biography of your person’s life—education, jobs, notable works, influences, etc.
  • The accomplishments or contributions your person made to the Harlem Renaissance or American culture—this can be done through inclusion of beliefs or quotes from your person.
  • You need to consider the lasting effects of this person’s contributions on America as a whole.